In addition to the individual community and social causes that are the personal focus of Dubs & Dash’s two senior partners, there is the ethical and community focus that is a big part of The Dubs & Dash Group. Following the unique foundation created by of one its most important alliance partners, Avadon™, the d2 Group is working toward becoming a leader in the new social entrepreneur business model known as the Avadon Approach™. Avadon's model focuses on three central aspects:

  1. Creating a business with a social/community mission
  2. Building your company around the customer’s point-of-view, and
  3. Delivering excellence in customer service each and every time.

In this respect, the d2 Group continues to offer its promotional services in the community and to charitable causes as part of our organization’s mandate. Additionally, we are in the process of creating an Avadon style Social-Conscious Corporation™ (a company that earns revenue solely to fund its social/community mission). This new entity will be a training ground agency to foster young advertising, marketing, and web talent, giving them an entry point into the industry where they can develop the needed real world skills, and learn the politics and pitfalls, as well as the fun and fulfilment, that this industry has to offer.

What does this mean to you? You get a company that:

  • Does more than just focus on its own needs
  • Has a true commitment to helping others – especially its clients – AND
  • Operates with the highest level of ethics and principles.

We don’t just say these things, we build them into everything we do. This is our promise to you, and it is one of the greatest benefits that you receive from working with the Dubs & Dash Group.